How to Make a Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

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Take your next bloody Mary to a whole new level with a complete Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board. Gather all the best Bloody Mary ingredients and pile them together in a burst of colors and shapes that are sure to wow your friends at your next brunch. This bloody Mary charcuterie board has a mixtures of spicy and salty ingredients with some crunch and a zip of sour to bring it all together. Let your friends combine the ingredients into their own delicious drink.

Building Blocks of a Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

The first step in building a Bloody Mary charcuterie board is selecting the right ingredients to be laid out on the board. Anything you might serve in a bloody Mary can be added to the charcuterie board. When you serve your bloody Marys, people can pick and choose what to add from the charcuterie board to their drink. It’s basically a build you own ice cream Sunday station only for Bloody Marys.

In the recipe section below we’ll share exactly the ingredients we used to make this Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board, but I invite you to get creative. Here is a more extensive list of some of the best ingredients for a Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board:

  1. Celery stalk
  2. Pickles (dill, sweet, or spicy)
  3. Olives (green or black)
  4. Cocktail onions
  5. Lemon or lime wedge
  6. Bacon strip
  7. Shrimp or prawn
  8. Crab leg
  9. Lobster claw
  10. Mini burger or slider
  11. Mini hot dog or sausage
  12. Cheese cubes or sticks
  13. Pepperoni slices
  14. Jalapeno peppers
  15. Cherry tomatoes
  16. Cucumber slices
  17. Salami or summer sausage
  18. Cocktail shrimp
  19. Anchovy fillets
  20. Hard-boiled egg
  21. Mini grilled cheese sandwich
  22. Fried chicken wing
  23. Sliced avocado
  24. Beef jerky
  25. Baby corn
  26. Peperoncini peppers
  27. Asparagus spear
  28. Mini meatballs
  29. Stuffed cherry peppers
  30. Miniature pretzel stick

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Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board
Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board Ingredients

Making the Bloody Marys

Luckily, making a bloody Mary is very easy and there are many ways to adapt this drink and even make it non-alcoholic. To make a simple Bloody Mary, you only need three ingredients, but you can also get fancy with rimming the glasses and adding garnish. Here are the 3 key ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Bloody Mary Mix
  • Ice

To make a classic Bloody Mary, start by rimming a highball glass with a mixture of celery salt and kosher salt. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add 1 ½ ounces (45 ml) of vodka. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon or lime into the glass, followed by 3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce, 3 dashes of hot sauce (such as Tabasco), and a pinch of black pepper. Stir the ingredients gently to combine. Next, pour in 4 ounces (120 ml) of tomato juice, adjusting the amount to your desired taste and consistency. If you prefer to use a bloody Mary mix, you can just add the ice and vodka to the bloody Mary mix. Give it another stir, and if desired, add a splash of pickle juice or brine for extra tanginess. Garnish the Bloody Mary with a celery stalk, a lemon or lime wedge. Serve chilled and enjoy the refreshing and savory flavors of this classic cocktail.

Since you are serving the drink with the charcuterie board, it’s best to use a wide and open glass that can fit many fun garnishes! Another option for serving you bloody Mary is to mix up a pitcher of the drink and serve the pitcher right along with your Bloody Mary charcuterie board. This add a nice decorative touch.

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives (optional)

If you are serving this for brunch it’s helpful to know how to make a non-alcoholic version. Simple combine the Bloody Mary Mix with water, sparkling water or soda and serve with ice.

Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

Styling and Presentation for your Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

One of the fun parts of creating a Bloody Mary charcuterie board is assembling the board. There are so many fun ingredients on this board that you can get very creative. In general, you should plan on using a large charcutier board or platter for your ingredients.

Place the food on the board in groups and or rows and use small bowls for sauces and dips. We put the shrimp around a bowl and filled it with tomatoes to make it visually appealing, but you can also include bowls for celery or limes. Mix colors and add herbs or edible flowers for garnish. The ingredients in this board come in a variety of sizes and colors making it a fun and visually appealing board.

If you’re board is big enough, you can put the glasses themselves or the pitcher of bloody Mary mix right on the board.

Additional Touches to Enhance the Experience

Once you’ve got your board assembled, add a personal touch or get creative some suggestions include:

  • Use fun serving dishes
  • Make individual Bloody Marys in small shot glasses
  • Skewer some food together and leave these assembled on the board
Charcuterie Board for a Bloody Mary


Create a stunning Bloody Mary charcuterie board by arranging cured meats, gourmet cheeses, pickles, olives, and sliced baguette or crackers on a large wooden board. Add fresh vegetables like celery, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices, along with spiced nuts or pretzel sticks for texture. Complete the board with small bowls of condiments such as mustard, horseradish, and hot sauce. Your guests will be impressed by this visually appealing and delicious addition to your brunch or cocktail party.

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Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board Recipe

Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

Create a fun, colorful and delicious Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board for your next boozy brunch
Cook Time 30 minutes
Servings 6 people


  • 1 large charcuterie board
  • bowls
  • Bloody Mary Glasses
  • Pitcher (optional)
  • Shot Glasses


  • Bacon
  • Small Pickles
  • Mozzarella Balls
  • Shrimp
  • Cured Meats
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Limes
  • Celery
  • Bloody Mary Mix
  • Ice
  • Vodka
  • Hot Sauce


  • Cut all ingredients into bite sized pieces
  • Cook Bacon and shrimp
  • Lay out board – get creative and place ingredients in bunches breaking up colors and textures.
  • Mix up Bloody Mary Drinks
  • Serve immediately