The Most Gorgeous Charcuterie Boards For Sale (2024)

The base of any gorgeously laid out charcuterie board is the board itself. There are so many options for beautiful charcuterie boards whether you are looking for a small board for 2 people, or for a large board for a special event. Below you can see some of our favorite charcuterie boards for sale or you can visit the shop section of this site for more ideas for the perfect charcuterie boards for sale as well as charcuterie supplies and cookbooks.

The charcuterie boards below also make excellent gifts.

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Charcuterie Boards for Sale
Charcuterie Boards for Sale
Charcuterie Boards for Sale
Charcuterie Boards for Sale

What to Consider When Searching for Charcuterie Boards for Sale

Material: The first consideration is the type of material the board is made from. The majority of charcuterie boards are made from wood, but you can also find boards made from epoxy, stone, bamboo, and metal. Each of these different materials have a different look and feel. If you are choosing a wooden charcuterie board you will find a number of different types of wood. In general hard, non-porous woods like teak, hard maple, American Cherry, Olive, and acacia make the best boards. Softer wood like pine works but will shoe knife marks more readily.

See more about the Best wood for Charcuterie Boards.

Size: Size is an important consideration when selecting a charcuterie board. You can find everything from a mini-board that holds just a few bites to a large charcuterie board.

Shape: Charcuterie boards come is a range of shape. The most common shapes are round, rectangular, and irregular. You may want several charcuterie boards in different shapes.

Edge: The edge of the charcuterie board gives an overall feel to the board. Many of my favorite boards come with a natural edge, but you can also find finish-edged boards.

Color: Most wooden boards are typically wooden colors, but you can find light wood and dark wood coloring as well as board made from strips of different colored woods. Occasionally you will find colored charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie Board Kits: With the increase in interest in charcuterie boards, you can also buy charcuterie board kits that include a board and charcuterie board utensils.

Our Favorite Charcuterie Boards for Sale

Gorgeous 23 inch Teak Board

I love this charcuterie board. It is simple, natural and classic and is the perfect size for a small to medium charcuterie board design. The board is sustainably made and will stand up to lots of use.

Large Rectangular Charcuterie Board

This extra sized charcuterie board makes the perfect base for a large board and food display. Cover this board in delicious food and serve it at your next gathering!

Circular Acacia Charcuterie Board

This beautiful , circular board is a great choice for a medium sized board. The wood stands up well to cutting and frequent use and the gorgeous design makes the perfect base for your snacking board.

Set of 2 Charcuterie Boards

This beautiful set has a round and a rectangular charcuterie board. I love these boards and the holes in the handles make them easy to hang in the kitchen. This set makes a great gift.

Ocean Charcuterie Board

This is a gorgeous charcuterie board made from wood and epoxy. It looks like an ocean wave crashing on the beach and makes a great base for a charcuterie board.

Bamboo Platter Set

This is an excellent set of boards and a good deal as you get several different sizes and shapes from small to medium boards.

Large Oval Charcuterie Board

This is a large and long charcuterie board that is perfect for serving in the center of a table. Made from American oak – the board is beautiful and is 28 inches long!

Set of Mini Slate Boards

These small slate boards make a great base for a charcuterie board. These are small so you can make a charcuterie board for 2 or simply use it to serve a simple cheese and meat plate

Slate Charcuterie Board

This is a beautiful slate charcuterie board and comes with utensils and small bowls. This board gives your food a classic look and feel.

Charcuterie Board Kit

This kit has everything you need for a charcuterie board conveniently arranged with a pull out drawer. This charcuterie board makes a great gift.

Large Round Charcuterie Board Kit

This is another charcuterie board kit that comes with a pull out drawer with all the supplies you need for a perfect board. This board is large and round and makes an excellent display.

Butcher Block Charcuturie Board

This is a beautiful board made from Teak with the end grain of a butcher block. This is a thick and very sturdy board that will last for years.

Unique Botcher Block Cutting Board

This is a beautiful and unique board with a beautiful geometric pattern from the different types of wood. This is another thick and sturdy board with small handles on the side.