Charcuterie Board Gift Ideas: The most complete list

A charcuterie board, a delightful spread of cheeses, cured meats, artisanal crackers, fresh fruits, and delectable condiments, has emerged as the epitome of gourmet indulgence and sharing. These boards are all the rage what was once reserved for upscale restaurants and fine dining has now become a beloved centerpiece at home gatherings and celebrations.

The popularity of the charcuterie board makes it the perfect gift. In this post you can find our top charcuterie board gift ideas. Charcuterie board gifts makes great Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day or just-because gifts.

In recent years, charcuterie boards have taken the gift-giving world by storm. Their ability to convey warmth, thoughtfulness, and a touch of culinary sophistication has made them the go-to present for various occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply wanting to delight a food-loving friend, a well-curated charcuterie board gift is sure to impress.

In this post, we’ll explore a selection gifts for charcuterie lovers along with gourmet delights and creative accouterments that can elevate your gift-giving game. Whether you’re a seasoned charcuterie connoisseur or a newcomer to the trend, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we unwrap the delectable possibilities and discover how the art of gifting meets the art of indulgence.

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Charcuterie Boards as Gifts

One of the best gift for a lover of charcuterie boards – is a charcuterie board. You can really never have enough charcuterie boards and most people want a variety of styles and sizes to fit every board. Charcuterie Boards makes great hostess gifts or holiday gifts. Below you can see some of our favorite charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie Boards Gift Set

This is an entire charcuterie board set all in one. The board comes with a complete serving set as well as curved edges to keep your food one the board.

This is a well crafted board that makes a great gift.

Slate Cheese Board

This slate cheese board is attractive and fun. Use chalk to label your ingredients right on the board. This set comes with 2 slate charcuterie boards to make small to medium boards.

Butcher Board Charcuterie Board

This is abeautiful and unique charcuterie board. I recently bought this board as a charcuterie board christmas gift and it was a huge hit. A perfect medium sized board this is a great gift! See our favorite wood for charcuterie boards.

Olive Wood and Blue Resin Cheese Board

This is a small and beatuiful board perfect and a perfect gift for a charcuterie lover. I love this board for a simple cheese platter or served up with chocolates and sweet items for dessert.

See more of our favorite charcuterie boards for sale that make perfect gifts.

Charcuterie Board Accessories

Often you will be looking for a smaller charcuterie board gifts than a full board. Charcuterie board accessories such as serving bowls or utentsils make great and fun gifts, or you can use them to put together a charcuterie board gift basket.


Mora Ramekins

Ramekins are a great bowl to serve dips and sauces on a charcuterie board. These ramekins are cute and won’t take away from the colorful food on the board.

Colorful Bowl Set

These bowls make a statement and are so colorful. They are perfect to fill with nuts, fruit of crackers on a board and make a perfect gift for charcuterie board lovers!

White Ramekins

Often white bowls make the perfect serving dish on a charcuterie board. They are the perfect way to showcase the other colorful ingredients on the board.

Serving Utensils

Cheese Knife Set with Gift Box

This is a pretty gift box that makes a perfect charcuterie board gift. This set has all the tools you need to serve up on a charcuterie board.

Slice of Goodness Set

This charcuterie board accessory set adds some elegance to the board. With a wooden holder, this is a pretty set that makes a perfect gift.


Charcuterie Labels

This is an attractive set of charcuterie board labels makes a perfect gift. This is a set of 50 labels and can be used to create many boards.

Wood Label Holders

These rustic holders are perfect to label your food on a charcuterie board and make a fun and novel gift idea.

Charcuterie Board Books

Charcuterie board books make perfect gift ideas for charcuterie lovers. We are steadily collecting them all. Choose a charcuterie board book that offers fresh ideas and gorgeous photos. Below are a few of our favorites.

Charcuterie Board Gift Ideas

While the base of the charcuterie board and accessories make great gifts, Charcuterie board lovers will also enjoy getting delicious charcuterie board ingredients. From pre-packaged charcuterie board, specialty foods, or subscriptions, these ideas all make great charcuterie board gift ideas.

Specialty Ingredients

High quality cheeses meats or exotic ingredients and charcuterie board dips make great gifts. These are perfect as a stocking stuffer or a smaller hostess gift. Below you can see some amazing food options for charcuterie board gift ideas.

Meat and Cheese Kit

This kit has 3 cheeses and 3 meats and makes the perfect and ready to go kit for a charcuterie board.

Wisconsin Cheese Sampler

This cheese sampler pack comes in a gift box and makes a fun and easy gift idea for anyone who like to create charcuterie board. Full of interesting flavors this makes a great gift idea.


Dip Set from Stonewall Kitchen

We love the Stonewall kitchen dips for creating charcuterie boards and they make the perfect gift set. Select this kit or choose from individual options. We like to purchase the kit and then give the individual dips as gifts.

Pre-Made Charcuterie Kits

There are many charcuterie board businesses that sell charcuterie boards in the mail. These boards typically need to be assembled once they arrive or you can look for local charcuterie board businesses that custom make charcuterie boards. Often gift certificates make the perfect charcuterie board gift ideas.

Below are a few places to check out:

Charcuterie Subscription Services

Another fun ideas if you are looking for a larger charcuterie board gift is to give a charcuterie board subsrciption. These range from a monthly delivery of nuts to complete charcuterie boards by mail. Below you can see a few places that offer subscription services:

 Charcuterie Board Gift Ideas
Charcuterie Board Gift Ideas

Charcuterie Board Additions

While the best charcuterie board gift ideas are usually the boards, accessories and food items, another thing to consider is giving something that can be served alongside the charcuterie board. This could be wine, another fun beverage or something like napkins or a tablecloth. Get creative!

Where to Find Charcuterie Gifts

While this article links to where you can buy these charcuterie board gifts online, you can also fine many of these items locally. Shop at your local market or seek out speacialty food store or farmers market. If you are looking for board, home good stores often have lots of options or you can search for handmae items on places like Etsy.

Charcuterie boards and accessories make excellent gifts at any time of year! Don’t forget to shop on our site for our other favorite charcuterie board items!