The 5 Best Butter Board Ideas

Butter boards are all the rage! These boards took off over on TikTok and there are so many fun and creative ways to create a butter board. For this ideas below, we are expanding the idea of a butter board! Butter boards can be made with so much more that just butter! In this article about the best butter board ideas, we also include other spreadable ingredients like cream cheese, hummus, chocolate or other dips and spreads.

Scroll through the ideas below or see our favorite ideas on Flipboard or Pinterest.

Tips for Making a Butter Board

  • Use High-Quality Butter and Spreads : Start with high-quality, unsalted butter and premium chocolate for the best flavor.
  • Room Temperature Butter: Ensure the butter is softened to room temperature for easy spreading and dipping.
  • Add Variety: Include a variety of toppings such as sea salt, crushed nuts, dried fruits, and edible flowers to enhance both the visual appeal and taste.
  • Accompanying Items: Provide a selection of dippables like fresh fruits (strawberries, apple slices), pretzels, cookies, and breadsticks for a range of textures.
  • Decorate Thoughtfully: Arrange the board aesthetically with a mix of colors and shapes, making it visually inviting.
  • Portion Control: Pre-spread smaller dollops of butter across the board to make it easier for guests to scoop without making a mess.
  • Serving Utensils: Offer small spoons or knives for spreading the chocolate butter on dippables, and tongs for picking up the items to dip.
  • Keep It Cool: If you’re serving the board in a warm environment, keep it cool to prevent the butter and chocolate from melting too quickly.

The Best Butter Board Ideas

Below you can see some of our favorite butter boards.

Italian Butter Board

I’ve made many butter boards – but this is hands down my favorite! I love serving this butter board covered in basil, garlic, and drizzled with olive oil. It’s so much fun to sit around this board and dip your bread into the butter or use a knife to spread this savory mixture over your bread.

Maple Butter Board

This amazing butter board is drizzled in maple syrup and served up with nuts and dried fruit sprinkled on top. Serve it with fresh baked bread and let the flavors on the butter board steal the show.

Chocolate Butter Board

This chocolate dessert board is built like a butter board with chocolate ganache spread on the board surrounded by fruits, pretzels and other ingredients for dipping. This delicious board is perfect for dessert or an afternoon snack.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Board

Create this delicious cream cheese board spread topped with smoked salmon, onions and capers. This delicious board is perfect for an appetizer or serve it with bagels for a make-your-own salmon and egg sandwich board.

Butter Board with Jam

Create this simple and east butter board with just a few ingredients. This board is simply made from butter spread with jam and served with baked goods. Top your spread with some edible flowers and serve it alongside dinner or brunch.

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