14 Best Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas to Start Your Day

Who says breakfast has to be boring!

Whether you are celebrating a special day, hosting brunch, or simply want to make the morning special, creating a breakfast charcuterie board is the perfect way to encourage a healthy start to the day.

In this post you will find ideas for amazing breakfast charcuterie board ideas for ever morning.

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So why are these Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas a great ideas? Here are 5 reasons:

  • Breakfast boards can be delicious with plenty of options
  • Breakfast charcuterie platters are beautiful and can form the centerpiece of the morning table
  • Breakfast is an important meal and many of the breakfast charcuterie board ideas below are healthy with lots of fruit
  • A breakfast charcuterie Tray is easy and fast to make
  • Breakfast boards are easy to customize and adjust for dietary restrictions.

Top Tips for Creating a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Here’s a list of the top tips for creating a scrumptious breakfast charcuterie board:

  • Balanced Variety: Incorporate a mix of breakfast staples such as fruits, cheeses, meats (bacon, sausage), bread (croissants, bagels), spreads (jam, cream cheese), and yogurt for a well-rounded selection.
  • Fresh Fruits: Feature an array of fresh, seasonal fruits like berries, sliced melon, and citrus segments. They add color, vitamins, and a refreshing element to your board.
  • Quality Meats: Choose high-quality cured meats like prosciutto, smoked salmon, or turkey sausage for a savory touch that complements the other breakfast items.
  • Cheese Delights: Offer a combination of soft and hard cheeses like brie, cheddar, and gouda. These provide a creamy contrast and pair well with both sweet and savory elements.
  • Breads and Baked Goods: Include a variety of bread and baked goods, such as mini croissants, muffins, bagels, and slices of artisan bread. These serve as the foundation for building bites.
  • Spreads and Jams: Provide an assortment of spreads like cream cheese, peanut butter, Nutella, and a selection of jams or preserves to add flavor and depth.
  • Eggs and Protein: Add protein-rich items like hard-boiled eggs, mini quiches, or Greek yogurt to ensure a satisfying and energy-boosting breakfast experience.
  • Granola and Cereal: Offer granola, cereal, or muesli as a crunchy topping for yogurt or as a stand-alone option. It adds texture and complements the other elements.
  • Coffee and Beverage Pairings: Consider adding a selection of coffee, tea, or juices that pair well with the flavors on your board, enhancing the overall breakfast experience.
  • Garnishes and Accents: Use fresh herbs, edible flowers, or citrus zest as subtle garnishes to add visual appeal and a touch of freshness.
  • DIY Waffle or Pancake Station: Add an interactive element with a DIY waffle or pancake station, complete with batter, toppings, and syrups for a hands-on breakfast treat.
  • Health-Conscious Options: Include options for guests with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free bread, dairy-free yogurt, or plant-based protein sources.

Amazing Breakfast Charcuterie Ideas

Granola, Yogurt and Fruit Breakfast Charcuterie Tray

Round up your favorite granola, yogurt and fruit for this easy, healthy and delicious spread to start the day. This board is perfect for a breakfast or brunch with friends, or simply serve it at home to encourage your family to get a good start to the day.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas
breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board

A Bloody Mary breakfast charucuterie board is fun, festive and sure to get the party started. This board is the perfect way to assemble a delicious morning beverage. If you aren’t a drinker, you can easily adjust this to be non-alcoholic by using tomato juice or bloody mary mix. Load up your favorite ingredients into the perfect board.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas
breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Fruit Flower Charcuterie Board

Add some color and fresh fruit to your next breakfast with this simple and pretty fruit flower. You can use almost any fruit to make a round board like this, but citrus make the perfect outside ring and fresh berries are always perfect.

Serve up with fruit breakfast charucterie board alongside bagels or eggs and you’ve got the perfect breakfast.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Summer Fruit Charcuterie Board

Load up all the fresh summer fruit for this charcuterie board. This board is perfect for a large group of people or a big breakfast. Cover a large board with watermelon, peaches, berries and grapes and add in a few fruit dips to bring it all together. This board can be served alongside french toast or pancakes. Let people build their own perfect breakfast with this board.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Mother’s Day Breakfast Board

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to serve up a breakfast charcuterie board. Gather you mother’s favorite ingredients and assemble them into a breakfast board. You can bake or buy your own baked goods then add something savory such as cheese and meat. Top off the entire board with fresh fruit and you’ve got the perfect board for mom!

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Breakfast Charcuterie Board

This is a full breakfast on a board. Complete with fresh waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and more this is a hearty breakfast to serve up. This board is perfect for a brunch or family breakfast, or serve it up for a holiday.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Waffle Charcuterie Board

Full of delicious carbs, fruit and toppings, this Waffle Charcuterie Board from Fantabulosity is a delicious and beautiful breakfast board. Make blueberry or chocolate chip waffles and pile them high onto your board – fill in the board with your favorite waffle toppings!

Stunning Fruit Tray

From Daily Dish, this is a gorgeous fruit platter full of fresh fruit and dips that is perfect for breakfast. This is a great charcuterie board for summer with watermelon and fresh berries. Add some fruit dip, chocolate hummus and fresh mint and you have yourself an eye catching and healthy breakfast. Serve this alongside baked goods or eggs for breakfast.

Pancake Charcuterie Board

This delicious looking charcuterie board from Modern Honey has all the toppings for pancakes served up on one charcuterie board. This board is so easy to adjust and make bigger or smaller and change up the toppings.

Waffle and Fresh Fruit Charcuterie Board

This beautiful board from My Chefs Apron serves up waffles and fresh and interesting fruit to make a healthy waffle board. Make your own belgiam waffles for this board and serve them up hot on your breakfast board.

Breakfast Fruit Charcuterie Board

Chenee Today made this gorgeous fruit charcuterie board with a slecection of fresh and tropical fruits. This board is so fun and colorful and a few dips and spreads make it a perfect breakfast board.

Easy Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Put together this easy and inexpensive breakfast charcuterie board from Crazy for Couponing. Start with pancakes on your board and then arrange fresh fruit around the pancakes for a quick, easy and crowd pleasing board.

Fruit and Waffle Board

Thie delioucs board from the Curly Spoon is piled high with waffles and fruit and is so fresh and beautiful. Add some of your favorite toppings and you have the perfect way to start the day.

Pancake Taco Charcuterie Board

Treat yourself to a pancake taco board brimming with fluffy pancakes bursting with vibrant fruits, decadent chocolate, and luscious whipped cream. This creative take on breakfast classics promises a harmonious blend of sweet delights, ideal for enjoying with loved ones.